Elisha Costello

Chris Caruso

Ron McBurney

Bob Breakiron


Elisha's Biography

Since she was a child, Elisha has enjoyed entertaining people and singing to crowds. She began singing at Merritstown Parade and Cardale's Church of Madonna at the age of seven. She enrolled in acting school called Theater Works in Brownsville by the age of twelve in which lead her into local productions such as Pippin, Damn Yankees, and Gypsy. She has also competed in and won many singing awards in such events, like Bituminous Coal Queen of PA competition, Star Quest, Discovery, WAMO Radio Station competition, Regional Honors Choir, American Idol auditions, and many more. In her spare time , she likes to  practice Shotokon Marital Arts, likes to try new adventures, travel to historical places, and loves staying closely connected to her family and loved ones by making lifelong memories with them. Her favorite quote is, "This to shall pass" and her favorite philosophy is to "live with love and smile."


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Chris' Biography

Chris Caruso is a multi-decade musician with studio and road experience. His musical background includes Funk, R & B, Jazz, Classic Rock, Lounge Variety, Hard Rock, 80’s Rock, Heavy Metal, Southern Rock and Country. As his love of music evolved, he went from playing trumpet to being able to play any brass instrument, keyboard, guitar and has made a career playing 4- and 5-string bass guitar.

In high school, Chris’ musical ability earned him listings in “Who’s Who in Music” both his junior and senior years. His senior year he was also voted “Best Musician” and was inducted into the All American High School Band Hall of Fame.

For 10 years, Chris was the lead singer and bassist for “Double Deuce.” Voted “One of Pittsburgh’s Best Country Bands” by the City Paper, performing 1500 shows in 5 states. Opening for more than 50 national acts, some two and three times. He came very close to achieving his life long dream, a major label recording contract. His best media compliment came from an article in “The Ticket.” The article included a front page story with a 5 X 7 color picture captioned, “ He’s got a voice!”

In his spare time, Chris enjoys golf, computers, aviation and space exploration.


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Ron's Biography

I began playing guitar when my brother bought me an acoustic guitar for my 8th Birthday followed by an electric guitar and amp for christmas from my parents.  By sixth grade I was forming a band with a couple of my friends that changed members several times throughout the years.  At age 19, I joined my first steady working band called Borderline which played locally for 15 years. Since 2000, I've played in such bands as Rareform, Repeat Offenders, Wicked, Hugo Down, Supermoon, and Timeless. I like various types of music and my biggest guitar influences are Randy Rhoads, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Eddie Van Halen, and Zakk Wylde to name a few.  Performing to a crowd of people that is dancing and enjoying the music you are playing is one of my biggest joys in life.


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Bob's Biography


When Bob Breakiron Jr. was in the third grade, he took a musical ability test, whereas the instrument he indicated as being desired was the drums.  Approximately five years later, he received his first drum set for Christmas, probably due in part to his constant banging pounding on everything in sight, lessons, he basically learned how to play by just playing along with the stereo in his bedroom.  He admits to driving his parents crazy at first, but they admit that the practicing, hard work, and determination eventually paid off.  All of that banging and pounding was well worth the effort put forth by the young up-and-coming drummer.


 Bob joined his first band, X-axis,  Subsequently, the X-axis band eventually became known as Caution, and later evolved into the well- known local classic rock band 4-Play, which had quite a following of loyal and devoted fans.


Bob is grateful for his God-given talent and of his self-taught playing ability.  He is extremely proud of his accomplishments and for his recognition as one of the areas best drummers.  He firmly believes that his reputation firmly speaks for itself. 


Bob would like to send out a special thanks and appreciation to his family, relatives, and friends for keeping the faith, and for their continued support and encouragement for his love of music and heart-felt passion for playing the drums.


Bob would also like to thank the band, Unbridled for this great opportunity to be a part of the absolute best group of musicians, vocalists, and sound technicians around.

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